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Gorka De Duo

I Shot Andy Warhol... Too

May 2 until July 31


“There are only fools who believe that art is a serious matter”
Julien Torma, Euphorismen

After an intense winter period of experimentation in this art laboratory, photography exhibitions are back in Muses Maschine. On Saturday May 2, during the Open Weekend Galerien Berlin Mitte, the new exhibit by Gorka Duo will open and can be seen until July 31. "I Shot Andy Warhol Too" is the second part of the exhibition "Andy Warhol 'Patafix" where De Duo consecrated him as pataphysician: unusual event, unprecedented and even provocative in the history of 'Pataphysics.

This exhibit gathers mostly unpublished photographs taken by Gorka De Duo in his meeting with Andy Warhol in Madrid in 83, three years before the death of Warhol, showing him to us in an unconventional …

Zirkus Spiegel

ZIRKUS     SPIEGEL  Berlin- Jan-2015

                                            curated by Gorka de Duo

The audience of clowns is watching inquiringly from the other side of the wall as we enter the empty room. We are warned from the beginning, to be defined as the observed while our phantasmic spectators shake from their world on the screen, which is deployed as an alternate space -- an impossible reflexion...

Since at least the Middle Ages, we know the important role of all Carnival-related festivities heir to pagan rituals such as the Feast of Fools was to offer not only entertainment but also a place where the unleashed forces of an oppressed society could question its hierarchical structure. Here, the use of mimesis, the aliasing in parody, served to express critical statements that could not be visualised by other means. During these celebrations, the symbolic interruption of established order conferred a time without laws where the peasant could make fun of the king or pope, wear…

Exposición de Gorka de Duo en Muses Maschine. Berlín 2014.

"Un fantasma es una ausencia rodeada de presentes" (René Daumal, "Patafísica de los fantasmas")
Andy Warhol ´Patafix es la solución imaginaria para un problema inexistente: Warhol como patafísico. Un producto comercial de consumo masivo, adherente al tacto, que tiene como objetivo la fijación de previas y variadas observaciones sobre Warhol que lo pegotean de connotaciones y significados contradictorios, haciéndolo nadar definitivamente en los profundos mares de las relaciones patafísicas.
Identificado como un constructo imaginario construida por sí mismo, la vida de Warhol fue comparada, por sus características teatrales, con la de los precursores de la vanguardia parisiense: Artaud y Alfred Jarry (creador de la patafísica).
Fue repetidas veces acusado de mago, sacerdote y alquimista por haber conjurado sobre el mundo el hechizo irreversible de la reproducción mecánica, haciendo las imágenes del arte y las del mundo indiferenciables,desplegando una dimensión mental de…


“A ghost is an absent being amidst present beings.” 
(René Daumal, “The 'Pataphysics of ghosts")

Andy Warhol 'Patafix is the imaginary solution to a nonexistent problem: Warhol as pataphysician. A touch-adherent, commercial object of common use, that helps us to identify previous and varied comments on Warhol, gluing up contradictory meanings and connotations and making him dive into the deep seas of pataphysical relations.

    Identified as an imaginary construction built by himself, Warhol's life has been compared, for its theatrical features, with the precursors of the Parisian avant-garde: Artaud and Alfred Jarry (originator of 'pataphysics).

    He has been repeatedly accused of being a magician, priest and alchemist, having conjured the irreversible spell of mechanical reproduction, making art images indistinguishable from the world, displaying a mental dimension of the work of art and granting an unprecedented value to everyday shapes around us. Converting th…

The Burning but Invisible Man – eine kulturtheoretische Annäherung an das künstlerische Werk Gorka de Duos

Gorka de Duo ist seinem künstlerischen Werde- und Schaffensgang auf vielfache Art und Weise gefolgt.
Internationale Aufmerksamkeit erreichte sein Werk im Kontext des lebhaften spanischen Nach-Frankistischen Avantgardismus, auch als 'Móvida madrileña' bekannt, und der Modefotografie. Daneben entstand zudem ein Werkspektrum, das sich über experimentelle Pressereportagen,  installative Arbeiten, Raum-Interventionen bis hin zur Videokunst erstreckt.
Als Art Director des Magazins 'Ajoblanco' war er Wegbereiter des Sonar-Festivals, und hat somit in Spanien die Kultur für elektronische Lebensweisen entscheidend mit beeinflusst.
Dennoch entziehen sich der Künstler selbst sowie große Teile seines Werks bislang der Allgemeinheit wie auch der Fachpresse.

Die Anfänge - die 1970er in Valencia
Seine ersten Fotoarbeiten realisiert der Künstler 1972 in Valencia: Er kreiert eine provozierend wegweisende Bildstrecke des Modedesigners Francis Montesinos, dessen spätere Kollektionen unter and…

Brian Reffin Smith at Muses Maschine

Alice laughed: "There's no use trying," she said; "one can't believe impossible things." "I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Alice in Wonderland.

The light at the end of the tunnel?
Or the tunnel at the end of the light?
Are you the train, or are you the tunnel?

Zombie ’Pataphysics and Trains Why Not.

We will be dead. We were “dead”. The thing is, are we dead now? (and other questions posed using model railways).

’Pataphysics is the rich, useful, absurd parody of a science of imaginary solutions.

Zombie theory states that inside each of us is a “zombie”, unavailable for conscious scrutiny, who takes all our decisions for us, then informs us of these decisions in such a way that we believe we made the decisions ourselves. There is no more “free will” than for a train on a l…