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Gorka De Duo

I Shot Andy Warhol... Too

May 2 until July 31


“There are only fools who believe that art is a serious matter”
Julien Torma, Euphorismen

After an intense winter period of experimentation in this art laboratory, photography exhibitions are back in Muses Maschine. On Saturday May 2, during the Open Weekend Galerien Berlin Mitte, the new exhibit by Gorka Duo will open and can be seen until July 31. "I Shot Andy Warhol Too" is the second part of the exhibition "Andy Warhol 'Patafix" where De Duo consecrated him as pataphysician: unusual event, unprecedented and even provocative in the history of 'Pataphysics.

This exhibit gathers mostly unpublished photographs taken by Gorka De Duo in his meeting with Andy Warhol in Madrid in 83, three years before the death of Warhol, showing him to us in an unconventional …

Zirkus Spiegel

ZIRKUS     SPIEGEL  Berlin- Jan-2015

                                            curated by Gorka de Duo

The audience of clowns is watching inquiringly from the other side of the wall as we enter the empty room. We are warned from the beginning, to be defined as the observed while our phantasmic spectators shake from their world on the screen, which is deployed as an alternate space -- an impossible reflexion...

Since at least the Middle Ages, we know the important role of all Carnival-related festivities heir to pagan rituals such as the Feast of Fools was to offer not only entertainment but also a place where the unleashed forces of an oppressed society could question its hierarchical structure. Here, the use of mimesis, the aliasing in parody, served to express critical statements that could not be visualised by other means. During these celebrations, the symbolic interruption of established order conferred a time without laws where the peasant could make fun of the king or pope, wear…